...back in 1979 my father gave me my first camera as a gift for my 18th birthday; a ricoh kr5-super (not the best of cameras, but ideal for a beginner). at the time i thought it was a great gift but little did i know how photography would have, over the years, changed my life.    


i've been taking photographs now for over 40 years and each time the shutter clicks i get the same curiosity kick i got when i first started taking photos: how will the photo look when i develop it, or, nowadays, how will it look on my computer?    


people are constantly asking me "what camera do you use?" i reply, "does it really matter? it's not the camera that counts. what's fundamental is the spirit, the fun and the passion you put into each picture."   


anyway this site is dedicated to my father, despite the fact he never let me use his olympus again after he bought me the ricoh. ha!    


needless to say all photos on this site have my copyright, other than the home page photo (thanks ric for taking it) and as a result cannot in any way be reproduced without my approval. copyright infringements can and will be legally pursued.    


background music:


-  dayvan cowboy by boards of canada

-  firesuite by the doves

-  16T#3 by the telescopes

-  argo night shuffle by malory

-  remembrance day by god is an astronaut